ETGS presents handwriting expert at June 9 meeting


Handwriting expert Marynell Bryant is scheduled to present tips and ideas on how to decipher and read documents at the regularly scheduled meeting of the East Texas Genealogical Society at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 9 in Taylor Auditorium, ETGS officials announced.

Taylor Auditorium is located at the Tyler Public Library in downtown Tyler.

Bryant, the Texas State Genealogical Society’s Heritage Certificate chair, will share examples from census records and court records to be used to teach deciphering techniques.

She will also hand out examples of handwriting problems.

Early handwriting examples may range from the finest skilled literary penmanship to the worst scrawl you have ever seen. Embellished and flourished letters of the court clerk contrast sharply with the tangled loops, crosses and misplaced dots of the careless enumerator.

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