“Grant Patrol’’ returns and distributes more than $35,000 to LISD educators


During its annual “Grant Patrol’’ celebration this past week, the Lindale ISD Education Foundation has awarded $35,857.77 to 10 Lindale ISD teachers on all six campuses, publicity officials announced.

Foundation and school officials visited the LISD campuses and presented oversized checks to the winning educators.

These funds will be used to purchase new and innovative tools for classrooms.

“What a privilege it is to serve on a Foundation that supports those individuals making the most impact on our children’s future – our teachers,’’ said Foundation Board President Vickie Frazier. “Their dedication to our kids and the school district is what makes LISD one of the best.’’

The Education Foundation began awarding grants in November 2009 and to date has awarded $289,535.66 to LISD classrooms for more than 75 projects.

Grant applications are submitted to the foundation by LISD teachers and aides for projects or programs that go above the day-to-day curriculum and offer students an enriched and unique learning experience. Projects selected for funding are rated on a number of criteria including the innovation of the project.

“We are so thankful for our donors and the Lindale community who make all of this possible,” said Courtney Sanguinetti, Executive Director of the LISD Education Foundation. “These students deserve a chance to excel beyond the classroom and the projects funded by the Education Foundation help to do just that.”

Projects receiving funds include:

“From Motion to Light: Physics in 8th Grade Science,’’ $2,838.91: From Newton’s Laws of Motion to theories on how light is emitted and absorbed by various chemicals, students have had little to no hands on experience with these concepts. Through the use of force plates and force probes, students will see how forces interact to cause changes in movement. By using element tubes and spectroscopes, students can see how scientists can identify what elements make up a star.

“Skills for Life Eagles General Store,’’ $1,200: A national survey finds that 69 percent of special needs adults are striving to work and most with disabilities are capable of contributing to their communities. LISD Special Programs already has a uniquely solid foundation laid for these students. The proposed project Skills for Life Eagles General Store help students to flourish and be all the more prepared for employment and life after high school.

“Success Starts with Sensory,’’ $3,795: Sensory Processing Disorders affect the ability of students to physically and mentally process the world around them. This grant will help students be supported at school and ultimately learn what their sensory needs are and how to reduce sensory overload.

“Learning Science Through Inquiry,’’ $4,304: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math jobs go unfilled every year in the United States due to a lack of qualified people, but with this grant for lab equipment, Lindale students can be prepared for future STEM careers.

“Pitch Perfect Project,’’ $4,501 for the Lindale High School Band.

“Kidblog,’’ $1,001: Empowering students to write with a meaningful purpose for a real audience, Kidblog enables students to connect with other classes down the hallway, across the district or around the world in a safe manner. Student portfolios are built automatically.

“Growing our Future,’’ $2,277.17: A project-based learning experience, “Growing our Future’’ allows 4th grade students to immerse themselves in and witness the stages of a plant’s development from seed to pollination. Synergizing as a scientific team, students will be able to collect, record, and track data vital for plants to survive and thrive in the environment.

“I Get to Sit Where?’’, $5,821: The purpose of “I Get to Sit Where?’’ is to allow students the freedom of alternate seating choices, allowing them to move and wiggle while completing their work. With video games and kids spending less time outside than in years past; many lack the core strength, balance and motor skills to actually be able to sit properly in class.

“Learning is a Ball,’’ $4,368.59: The Q-ball, a throw able, wireless microphone, provides each child with a voice. Students will not only want to participate, but they will actually want to learn more when they can hear what the teacher and their peers are saying. The Q-ball is a great teaching tool that will help to manage classroom discussions while engaging all students in hands on lessons.

“A Whole New World Through Virtual Reality,’’ $5,751: A whole new world… A new fantastic point of view, no one to tell us no or where to go or say we’re only dreaming, is the basis for a Virtual Reality System. It allows students to drive a car like they do in England, experience the deepest part of the ocean or go back in time – all within the borders of the classroom.


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