Home school students perform as historical American figures


A little over a dozen famous people from American history suddenly “came to life’’ Monday night (April 30) at Summit Heights Fellowship in Hawkins as elementary-age home school students dressed in historical costumes and discussed an American historical figure.

Fourth, fifth and sixth grade students dressed up as Sacagawea, John D. Rockefeller, Jesse James, Annie Oakley, Davy Crockett, Thomas Edison, Madeleine Vionnet, Susanna Dickinson of the Alamo, Winston Churchill and a Native American as part of the Hawkins Community of Classical Conversations program.

Home school organization Classical Conversations provides Christian curriculum and supportive educational communities for students K4-12. Several Lindale students are enrolled in the Summit Heights Fellowship.

“The students had a great time researching and writing about their historical character,” said Loren Wills, Essentials tutor for the Hawkins CC Community, “But they and their moms and dads really had fun when it came time to design and wear their costumes. This proves that kids really can have fun learning history!”

This is a highlight of the year for the Essentials students ages 9-11, she said, adding the students have been working during the year to write well in their Essentials of the English Language class.

Their last big assignment was a research paper on the historical character of their choice. They summarized their paper into a 60- to 90-second speech and gave a dramatic interpretation in front of the crowd of their family and friends.

The performers were to remain still in “wax-museum fashion” until their turn to come to life.

For more information on Classical Conversations, log on to classicalconversations.com.


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