Jumping up on the soapbox, germs and all


OK, I’m gonna get on my soapbox today. If you don’t know what that means, then ask your momma or daddy. If they don’t know what it means, ask your grandma or grandpa.

The reason I’m gettin’ on my soapbox is because of what I’ve been observin’ here lately. And what I’ve been observin’ is all the sick kids now-a-days. Now, I’m not talkin’ about kids with serious problems. I’m talkin’ about kids with sniffles, allergies, and stuff like that.

Not all, but an awful lot of that stuff, in my opinion, and I am not an expert or anything like that, is because they’ve been babied too much. That’s right, good meanin’ mommas and daddies, run ‘em to the doctors for stuff that was run of the mill stuff back when I was a kid.

I think these kids don’t have any immunity built up in their systems because their systems have not had the chance to build up any antibodies. I learned that word back in school and if I remember right, the body produced these antibody things to fight off stuff like sniffles and such.

Heck, now-a-days the TV is full of advertisements for pills for every kind of problem you can think of. And usually, the side effects of the medicine are worse than the problem.

Now, I’m not anti-medicine, but I do believe we’ve become so sissified that we can’t put up with a little discomfort to let stuff run its course. You can take medicine for a cold, and you’ll be well in a week or so, or you cannot take medicine for a cold and be well in a week or so.

I saw a kid the other day trip and fall and his hands hit in the dirt. He jumped up and started hollerin’, not because he was hurt, but because he got dirt on his hands.

His momma ran up and started diggin’ in her purse and brought out a little squeeze bottle of stuff and squirted it into the kids hands, which he was holdin’ up to her.

Back when I was a kid, we made mud pies out of dirt and ate ‘em. I’ve seen kids with bandages on their arms for a little ol’ scratch. Back when I was a kid if we got a scratch, and there was blood involved, one of the other kids would scratch a scab off of a scratch of their own and then they’d put the two scratches together so that they could become “blood brothers.’’

Now, if your momma saw the scratch, she might put “monkey blood” on it, but that was the extent of the medical procedure.

And parents run their kids to the doctors now-a-days for stuff that was an everyday occurrence back in my day. Heck, the rule back then was you didn’t go to the doctor unless there was a bone stickin’ out or you could see guts.

I broke my finger back when I was a kid, and I didn’t get to go to the doctor. The tip of my finger was at a 90 degree angle from the rest of it. My daddy grabbed the tip, pulled it out and set it, and then tied a couple of Popsicle sticks to it and that was it.

Well, that wasn’t all. I also got a whippin’ for doin’ what I’d been told not to do which had caused the break in the first place.

Parents even take their kids to the doctor for sniffles. For sniffles, my mom would tell me to blow my nose. If your mom was not around to tell you to blow it, you’d just suck it back up your nose.

We did have to wash our hands before we ate though. Of course, washin’ your hands, if you momma wasn’t watchin’, consisted of runnin’ your hands through the stream of water, and then wipin’ them on your britches that were dirtier than your hands were in the first place.

Now, I’ll talk about germs. We didn’t know what germs were, because we couldn’t see them. I remember the first time I saw germs under a microscope at school.

The teacher put a drop of water on a little piece of glass and then each one of us in the classroom looked in the microscope at it. It had all sorts of creatures swimmin’ around in there. There were some girls in that class, that swore they’d never drink water again, but most of the boys wanted a drink of that water to see what those germs tasted like.

By the way, we couldn’t taste them. Heck, we used to buy one soda and pass the bottle around so everybody could have some. By the time the soda got back around to you, it was a little thicker, but we never thought about gettin’ germs.

What amazes me is that some people now-a-days will squirt that antiseptic stuff in their hands after they shake your hand, but don’t think twice about eatin’ raw fish.

I never got into eatin’ raw fish. Oh I’ve swallowed a few minnows on a dare before, but eatin’ it for nourishment, no. I think the whole raw fish eatin’ thing is just to show off to your eatin’ buddies to make them think that you are “cool.’’

I never see anybody eatin’ that stuff all by themselves. They are always with other people, so that they can see them doin’ it. I know some people who will turn up their noses at sardines, but will brag about eatin’ raw fish.

People, sardines are cooked.

Well, that’s about it. I feel better now. I’m pretty sure I didn’t change anybody’s mind on the subject, but that’s OK.

I just feel sorry for kids now-a-days. I bet nobody even eats mud pies anymore.


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