Junior high Lady Eagles volleyball teams sweep Jacksonville squads


Lindale Junior High School’s Lady Eagles volleyball teams took on Jacksonville Junior High School this past week and brought home four wins out of four matches.

The 7th grade B team won, 25-10 and 25-15; the 7th grade A team took a 25-10 and 25-11 win; the 8th grade B team claimed a 25-15 and 25-17 victory and the 8th grade A team won, 25-7 and 25-22.

For the 7th grade B team, Emilee Worrell was the leading server while Natalee DeDios, Maddox Lay and Liliana Miller were leading passers. Liliana Miller and Allie Davenport were leading setters and Liliana Miller was the leading hitter.

Leading servers for the 7th grade A team were Dylan Adams and Cadyn Haisten, leading passers were Dylan Adams and Hadlee Scott, leading setters were Maddie Luster and Dylan Adams and the leading hitters were Dylan Adams and Kayli Vickery.

For the 8th grade B team, Camden Chilek was the leading server, Hannah Evans was the leading passer, Destiny Luellen was the leading setter and Bailey Wood was the leading hitter. Stella Schwartz won the leadership award and Bailey Wood won the hustle award.

For the 8th grade A team, Gwen May and McKenna Burks were leading servers while Gwen May was also the leading passer. Eva Yates was the leading setter and the leading hitters were Brooke Tweedell and Brooke Everest. Kennedy Weesner and Brooke Tweedell were the winners of the hustle award.


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