LISD students participate in “Kindness Challenge’’


By participating in the “Great Kindness Challenge,’’ the Lindale ISD has earned the designation as a Kindness Certified School District, publicity officials announced.

This past week, LISD schools took part in the challenge, which empowered students to “create a culture of kindness.’’

Around the world, more than 10 million students in more than 20,000 schools – including 103 countries – participated in the challenge.

“The Great Kindness Challenge is a fun and easy way to encourage students to spread kindness throughout our school and community by performing as many acts of kindness as possible in one week,” said counselor Leslie Dowdle. “It is a proactive approach to combat bullying and creating a culture of compassion, empathy and respect.’’

Students performed these acts by themselves as well as being part of a team, Dowdle said.

“The students are completing individual acts of kindness as well as campus-wide service projects that benefit others in our community,’’ said Dowdle. “Our ultimate goal is to foster an environment that values the importance of being kind all year round.”

Students, this week, will have a checklist with the opportunity to repeat kind act after kind act.

As kindness becomes a habit, peace becomes possible, Dowdle said, adding “The Great Kindness Challenge” is a grassroots movement that is making our schools, communities and world a kinder and more compassionate place for all.


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