Local students qualify for “Imagination’’ state event


Seven students from Lindale have qualified for the state Destination Imagination competition in Mansfield April 6-7, school officials announced.

Six of the seven attend E.J. Moss Intermediate School and one is home schooled.

Destination Imagination is a non-profit organization, led by volunteers, which helps youngsters learn 21st century skills and principles in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Each team works together to solve one of seven open-ended challenges and present its solutions at regional and state tournaments.

DI officials say these students learn teamwork, communication, project management, perseverance and creative and critical thinking as well as build self confidence.

If the team advances at the state competition, it will then compete in the Global Championships.

Members of the “Toxic Wizards’’ are: Cade Bosworth, E.J. Moss East; Boston Smith, E.J. Moss East; Britain Smith, E.J. Moss East, Asher Cade, E.J. Moss East, Keegan Blackburn, E.J. Moss East; Sydney Hines, E.J. Moss West and Nathan Hill, home school.

Local team leaders include Dr. Michelle Bosworth and Dr. Angela Cade.

To earn the trip to the state tournament, the Toxic Wizards placed first and second during regional competition at Mesquite Poteet High School in February.

At the regional tournament, the Toxic Wizards had to complete a Team Challenge and an Instant Challenge, winning first in the Instant Challenge and second in the Team Challenge.

The Team Challenge (which had to be completed in eight minutes or less) was in the Fine Arts category and was titled “A Change of Tune.’’ Team members had to create a two-act musical, including original music and lyrics in both acts.

The storyline had to incorporate two production techniques – mimes and costumes were used by the Toxic Wizards – and a change of plans, which involved a story about a band which was delayed in trying to leave Mexico.

The scenery had to change using engineering, science and math principles and there had to be a clear distinction between Act I and Act II.

During the Instant Challenge, the team is given common, household items such as paper clips, straws, mailing labels, paper cups, etc., and must build a structure such as a tower or a bridge.

At times, the structure must hold weight or carry an object from point A to point B.

Half of the point total in this challenge comes from teamwork and communication.


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