Master Gardener director addresses Lindale club


Smith County Master Gardener’s Association State Director Debby Watkins was the guest speaker at the October meeting of the Lindale Garden Club, publicity officials announced.

Club member Brenda Willis introduced Watkins at the meeting, which was held at Lindale’s First United Methodist Church.

A Master Gardner since 2009, Watkins specializes in propagation and greenhouse management. She will be the SCMG president in 2020.

Watkins’ presentation was “Sex in the Garden: All About Propagation.’’

She noted that while most people enjoy the process of planting a seed and growing a plant, she provided several suggestions on how to grow plants including the basic supplies needed, appropriate media for seeds and cuttings.

In addition, she discussed tips for seed collection, storage and labeling as well as types of seed dormancies and methods of overcoming this type of problem.

Watkins noted plant divisions are another way to propagate a plant, such as dividing fall blooms in the spring and spring blooms in the fall. She explained how to have successful plants from stem cuttings, root stem cuttings and leaf cuttings.

Common types of layering were also suggested.

“Be patient when grafting plants for best results,’’ she said.

After introducing her husband Jim Watkins, she took questions from the Lindale club members, who also shared ideas for starting plants for spring and fall.


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