Now is the time for some rhyme for the season


At this time every year it seems a Christmas poem is the right thing to help celebrate the season.

So, here it is.


By Rusty W. Mitchum

Twas the night before Christmas

And who should I see,

But Jolly ol’ Santa

Starin’ at me.

As he looked in my eyes

And into my head,

He saw all my thoughts

And all I had said.

He studied my face,

So I did the same

It’s not everyday

To see one of such fame.

His eyelids drooped

O’er rises of green,

Strangely piercing,

But not malicious or mean.

The corners were wrinkled

From too many smiles

And underneath, bags

From too many miles.

His nose looked once broken,

But put back in place,

And there were wrinkles and scars

All over the place.

His beard was all bushy

And oh what a sight,

His smile so sincere

His teeth pearly white.

His waist was surrounded

By a wide belt of black,

His tummy was swollen

From too many snacks.

His hands were all spotted

With age and with scars

From too many scuffles

In old schoolhouse yards.

But to me they looked kind

From children they’d held

When they sat on his lap

And wishes they’d tell.

Children like Sophie

Grady and Ty

Brynley and Miranda

Apples of his eye.

Where, you might ask

Did I see Santa’s face?

Was it down at the Mall

Or some other place?

Was it down on the Corner

Ringin’ a bell?

Well listen up close,

While I finally tell.

I had traveled no place

Nowhere had I roamed,

I saw Santa’s face

In my mirror at home.

As I turned from the mirror,

I shouted with glee,

Merry Christmas to all

From Janet and me.

May God Bless each and every one of you.


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