Sheriff’s Office gets new vehicles


Following action by the Smith County Commissioners this past week, the Smith County Sheriff’s Office will get five new vehicles, one less than requested by Sheriff Larry Smith, officials confirmed.

During its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday (Jan. 2), the court approved funding for five 2018 Chevrolet Tahoes, each carrying a $31,930 price tag.

The vehicles currently in the county sheriff’s fleet have more than 200,000 miles.

The purchase of the vehicle will use $159,500 of the $250,000 earmarked for fleet purchases in 2018.

Smith said he will keep two of the current vehicles as backups for his fleet.

Since a fleet manager hasn’t been hired as yet by the county, the matter had to come before the commissioner’s court, said County Judge Nathaniel Moran.

The sheriff’s miscellaneous fund will cover the cost of radios and in-car cameras, totaling just under $10,000.

During the past several years, Smith said the department has purchased approximately 35 vehicles using the seized drug money fund. That fund is now gone.

The department has more than 130 vehicles in its fleet.


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